About Govinda

I received my Rolfing Certification in 2003 from the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado. I discovered Rolfing in my own pursuit to unlock my postural patterns and heal my body. I was initially impressed by how effective Rolfing was at getting to the root of my structural and movement patterns and was later drawn to the rewarding experience of working with people as they heal.

Govinda Bader, Certified Rolfer

Govinda Bader, Certified Rolfer

I am known for being gifted at blending both the practical, analytical aspects of bodywork with the intuitive. My approach is dynamic and is custom-tailored to my clients' unique needs. I am a longtime student of dance, yoga, anatomy and biomechanics. My presence is grounded and playful.

I enjoy educating my clients about their bodies so they can take a more proactive role in their healing through self-care. I often teach specific yoga postures, stretches and movement sequences to compliment my hands-on work and deepen my clients' embodiment of the results.

My natural teaching skills have also landed me roles as an anatomy instructor for a several yoga teacher trainings as well as a teaching assistant to Art Riggs and Til Luchau; two Advanced Rolfers who teach bodywork courses around the world.

I have a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies and also have a psychotherapy practice in San Francisco and Berkeley -

I also invented a self-massage tool called ProSqueeze that helps bodyworkers relieve their own arm and hand tension -

And yes, Govinda is my real name...hippie parents!