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Sessions in San Francisco 

My Noe Valley Rolfing office is a 15 minute walk from 24th St. BART. I'm in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

3974 24th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114



Sessions in Berkeley

My Berkeley Rolfing office is a 15 minute walk from Ashby or Downtown Berkeley BART.

2232 1/2 Ward St.
Berkeley, CA 94705





- Bettina Schneider

Certified Rolfer & Rolf Movement Practitioner

"I have been to many of the Rolfers and advanced bodyworkers in the Bay Area and Govinda is my favorite. I consistently walk out if his office highly satisfied, transformed and happy. He has a great balance of being analytical and practical, as well as intuitive and creative. But most of all, I feel listened to – both in my requests, as well as through my tissues. I crave deep work, and he will go as deep as I allow him to – I love that!"


- Dr. David Pakter

"I first came to Govinda after dealing with years of chronic neck and upper back pain. As a medical doctor, I had exhausted the standard approach and although I practiced lots of yoga, I was still suffering. This was about four years ago. In our first session together, Govinda was able to identify the causes of my chronic pain and he showed me how my postural misalignments were causing my symptoms. His assessment was holistic in that we discussed all of the the factors in my life that contributed to how I was feeling in my body. And, within that first session, I was amazed that such a profound change could take place in such a short amount of time."

- Nora M.

"Like so many other folks in the Bay Area, I work in front of a computer 40+ hours per week. The toll that the tension and repetitive stress takes on my upper body is huge. Over a year ago, I started getting monthly deep tissue massages to alleviate the pain, particularly the large "knots" I had around the shoulder area, especially on the right side. The relief never lasted more than a few days. 

Then, my masseuse moved away and I had to find a new bodyworker. Somehow, miraculously, I found Govinda. After one session of The Barefoot Method, the chronic pain I had had in my right shoulder for several months was 85-90% improved. I couldn't believe it. And it stayed improved.

-Jake A.

"I went to a Chiropractor for almost 3 years before seeing Govinda.  His unique approach to Rolfing and bodywork in general has been much more effective in dealing with my lower back problem.  He really is a miracle worker!"

- David M.

Martial Arts Competitor and Coach

"I am a professional athlete and have had a problem with my shoulder for over a year. Since I have been working with Govinda, my shoulder is feeling many times better. His combination of classical techniques as well as his innovative approach and willingness to let me and my body guide the treatments have been exactly what my shoulder was needing all this time."

- Dale S.

"I been getting massages for over 30 years, and you just don't get any better than Govinda.  I've seen him a number of times and will keep going back.  He is professional, grounded, skilled, creative, and attuned.  And each session I have with him feels very individual, depending on where I am and what I'm needing at that particular time."

-Deborah B.

"I've had chronic pain and tension on my right side from my neck down through my leg for years.  One session of The Barefoot Method was more effective at relieving this than any other bodywork that I've tried.  It's been over a month since then and the tension has not returned."

-Tracy B.

"Seriously, I was scared to try Rolfing... all I could imagine was that it would be a very painful experience, which would be ongoing for at least ten weeks. I had been putting it off for years and as the time passed my back + shoulder pain just kept on getting progressively worse. A few months back I bit the bullet and because of the recommendation of my massage therapist -- I chose Govinda!

Lauri K.

“Govinda is great. The sessions are intense, but not painful, and his process/style is all about being in communication with what your body is feeling/experiencing. The huge noticeable differences for me are: (1) my ability to stand in the same position and not have shooting pains in the back, in addition to that (2) a lightness, feeling almost effortless, when I walk. I stand taller and straighter, I never knew these sensations were possible.

If you're afraid to try Rolfing, like I was... there is nothing to fear, Rolfing is not painful and in the end you feel as light as a feather walking out of your sessions! Give Govinda a try, he's fantastic!

- Rob R.

"Long ago I looked into Rolfing because I could never get a massage that was deep enough and the massages never seemed to be working towards something (it felt decent at the time but after multiple sessions I still left the room with the same aches and pains). So I tried Rolfing and was hooked. The first Rolfer I went to (for a series of ten times) proved to me that Rolfing was good for my body but the actual practitioner I went to left something to be desired. Last year I went to Govinda and now I'm hooked on Rolfing and Govinda as my Rolfer. First of all, his presence is calming and comforting and he has a sense of humor.  Second, he knows what he's doing and how to work towards correcting whatever is ailing you. I highly recommend Rolfing and Govinda."

-Juliana N.

"I went to Govinda after a back surgeon recommended I give Rolfing a try for helping manage my pain with herniated discs & degenerative disc disease. With yoga on my own & weekly sessions with Govinda, in 6 months I was back to being me. Pain-free! The yoga helped a lot but I definitely plateaued... and couldn't get back to 100% pain-free. Govinda brought the goods.

Govinda's approach (with a nod to thai massage & asian acupressure) is unorthodox and extremely creative, which is great for that moment in life when you realize that the the traditional way of doing something just isn't going to work anymore. 8-10 sessions and you'll stand straighter, you'll be more aware of your body's ebbs & flows, and your pain & pressure points will recede.  After that, it's about fine-tuning your body to feel better-than-right."

-Justin M.

"Rolfing with Govinda has been full of pleasant surprises.  I initially checked out Rolfing to address pain in my neck/shoulder area.  I had my own ideas about the source of the pain, which turned out to be off. The actual source was a dislocated rib, which Govinda happily moved back into place! His method of using his feet is very effective and I feel an overall sense of tranquility in his presence. I have learned a lot about my body and it's "default" structure, and where my body needs attention....and through his work I have developed new somatic awareness."

-Clint T.

"I had sciatic pain for the last year from a twisty surfing injury.  I have seen a doctor, a chiropractor, a physical therapist, a massage therapist, a stretch instructor, an acupuncturist... with unsuccessful results all around."

-Heather G.

"I first came to Govinda with shoulder pain that I had been living with for over 15 years. I had all but resigned to living with the pain and then someone told me to try a few sessions with Govinda. The deep pain (which I described to him as an alien under my shoulder blade...) turned out to be a rib that was stuck out of place. In three sessions, it was completely fixed and my whole world was changed. I am so grateful to have found Govinda. He is a very skillful practitioner."

-Doug M.

"Govinda works magic with his feet.  By using his feet and hands plus a little shea butter, he stretches out my muscles, realigns my bones and opens my joints. With his unique method, I have greatly increased my flexibility. My yoga practice has improved significantly and no more back stiffness when I get up in the morning. In seven weeks, I have gone from feeling consistent tension and pain in my body to almost none.  Incredible!"

-Patrick O.

"Govinda was able to go directly to the root of a ten year old injury and alleviate it. His personality and technique were without any superfluous elements. I felt seen and accepted at the deepest level, and my sense of optimism for healing was bolstered at every glance. He was very clear about what I could do to take a proactive role in the sessions to customize each minute and get the most from the treatment. If it were not for Govinda, I would have gone on with this injury for an unforeseeable amount of time. After working with him, my quality of life has become unmarred by constant pain."

- Stacie F.

"I have had chronic low back tension and pain for the past year and tried two physical therapists, two chiropractors and two massage therapists before finding Govinda. The Barefoot Method has been by far the most effective therapy for my issues. I walk out of every session feeling more space, more range of motion, less tension and less pain."